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Pharaoh Ant



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 Pharaoh ants are small, yellow ants about 1/16-inch in length. They have two nodes and look very similar to the thief ant. They are found throughout the US, primarily in the southern states. Nest locations include wall voids, cabinet voids, behind baseboards, window moldings, around refrigerators and showers, boxes, and expansion joints in slabs. Their colonies can grow quite large containing as many as 300,000 workers and queens. New colonies are formed by a process called "budding" This is when the colony grows so large that some workers take some of the colony's brood to a new location. The control of Pharaoh ants can be very difficult and may require special consultation.

Crazy Ant

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Crazy Ants are small, dark brown to black ants which only have one node between the thorax and abdomen. They are recognized by their extremely long legs and antennae. The crazy ant is common in the southeastern US. They get their name from being known to erratically run around aimless with no sense of direction. They will nest in cracks, crevices, and voids inside and wander throughout the structure searching for food. They prefer to eat animal matter, grease and other insects, but will readily eat sweets.

Argentine Ants

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Argentine ants are known to be very small and light to dark brown in color. It has a single node, shiny, and no hairs on the abdomen. They are common throughout the southeastern USA and is a problem in southern California. They nest outdoors under logs, concrete slabs, mulch and even in the soil. They mostly are found indoors in the winter months. They can be identified as trailing on baseboards and along edges of carpet. Argentine ants mainly feed on sweets and could enter into homes in large numbers depending on the extreme conditions of moisture

Ghost Ant

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Ghost ants are hard to see because they are so tiny and pale with one node. The front half is dark, the back half and legs are light. They are mainly found in Florida and Hawaii. Ghost ants usually nest outdoors, but they build colonies behind baseboards, in wall voids, in cabinets of buildings where they find food feeding on dead insects sweets and other foods..

Fire Ant

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Fire ants have different sizes of workers and two nodes. They are commonly four species of fire ants found mostly in the southern states. They are known to be very aggressive as many know and could cause harm and sometimes death to people. They usually build mounds outdoors in sunny areas and are known to nest inside homes as well. Mostly they are identified to be red but are sometimes darker too.

Odorous House Ant

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Odorous House Ants are very common pest throughout the US. Workers are small brownish-black in color and range between 1/12 to 1/8 inch long. It can be recognized by when crushing it, this ant gives off an unpleasant odor. Indoors these ants nest in walls and in under floors. Outdoors they commonly build shallow nest under boards and stones. It is most common to see these ants move indoors during the cooler months.

Thief Ant

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 Thief Ants are one of the smallest species of ants known. They vary in color from yellow to dirty brown, and have a two segmented antennal club. They are found all over the US. Thief ants get their name because they often live in nest of larger ants where they may feed on the larvae of their host. They are primarily known to be grease feeding ants. They will forge inside and sometimes be found trailing on baseboards looking for foods and to nest in wall voids.


PCT ant guide and courtesy of Van Waters and Rogers.

Truman's scientific guide to Pest Control Operations