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Although all cockroaches may look alike, there are actually five species common to south Texas: German, Brown-banded, Oriental, American and Smokey Brown.

German Cockroach

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 German Roaches are the most common cockroach species in houses, restaurants, hotels and other dwellings in the USA. This domestic roach usually brought in by a grocery bag, clothing or on items when moving can be one of the most troublesome pest one can encounter. One female could possibly produce up to 35,000 offspring in one year. They usually nest in wall voids, cracks and crevices for they prefer dark places. They can feed practically on anything such as glues, wallpaper paste, and any starchy substances. This roach can quickly become a severe infestation if not treated properly. Over the counter sprays very seldom control these roaches.

Brown banded Cockroach 


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Brown Banded Roaches look similar to the German roach. They can be distinguished however by the presence of two lighter bands running across one side to the other of the base of the wings and abdomen. The adult males can fly in these species. Also they have been known to jump when disturbed. These roaches differ in the way they do not require a close association with moisture sources as the German roach. Therefore they are seen more often throughout the home rather than kitchens and bathrooms mostly. Since these are domestic roaches be careful about bringing them in food, furniture, and other items carried in the home

American Cockroach (Tree Roach, Water Bug,  Palmetto bugs)       

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 American Roaches are larger reddish-brown cockroaches which usually forage outside. They average around an inch and a half in length and some species have wings. They can feed on grains, sweets, and some plants. They can be found in crawl spaces and woodpiles around the house. Occasionally they enter randomly inside homes because of temperature changes and various other reasons. Other names are water bugs and Palmetto bugs.

Smokey Brown Cockroach (also known as Palmetto bugs)

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 Smokey Brown Roaches are closely related to the American cockroach as described above but are distinguished by their slightly smaller size (about one inch long) and uniform Mahogany brown color. This is a common roach found mainly in the South. 

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