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The Termidor Zone vs. Bait System Recruiting:

When your home is treated with Termidor, a "Treated Zone" is established around the home. This is done using proven, time-tested techniques that Pest Management Professionals are very knowledgeable about and familiar with. This "Zone" starts working immediately.

     When a Bait System is installed around your home, you have monitors placed every 8 to 10 feet around the house. On most systems, there is no active ingredient used yet. Nothing but wood "monitors". That means that all you have protecting your biggest investment at this point is plastic and wood every 8 to 10 feet. Bait will not be added until there is termite activity in one or more of the stations. Yes, termites will still be damaging the home until the bait system feeds them enough bait, which can take months or even years.

    Most bait systems work by recruitment. This means that termites eat the bait and return to the colony to recruit others to eat the bait also. However, this process does not start until there is termite activity in the monitoring station(s). This, alone, can take months or even years.

Termidor - Day One:
Termites wander into the treated zone and pick up the active ingredient. Already, some are "carriers" that are beginning to "infect" others in the colony.

Bait System - Day One:
No termites have wandered into the monitoring stations yet.

Termidor - A Few Days Later:
Termidor has been transferred to many in the colony. Many have already died, but the "Transfer Effect" continues to those who have not even gone into the treated "Zone".

Bait System - A Few Days Later:
Still, there may be no activity in the stations. Just termites eating your home.

Termidor - Within 3 Months:
100% Control! No more termites to damage your home. And the Termidor is still in the soil around your home providing protection against any new invading termite colonies.

Bait System - 3 Months
Termites might have found the monitors at this point. However, unless there is sufficient activity, the PCO still might not apply any bait material yet. Even if there is enough termite activity to bait, the termites are still feeding on your home, too.


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