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Serving      Lake Jackson, Jones Creek, Brazoria, Clute, Surfside, Angleton, West Columbia, Sweeny, Freeport

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 Locally owned and operated serving Brazoria County, Texas since 1987

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We have the knowledge, ability and specialized equipment to handle your pest and termite control needs..

  Termites are swarming!!                     Termidor vs. Baits

Every spring well developed Subterranean Termite colonies release winged reproductives called Swarmers or Alates. These winged termites ride the wind currents to establish a new colony. Swarming termites are often mistaken for flying ants. This can be a costly mistake! 

Signs of Subterranean Termite infestation

Tips to help prevent termite infestations

  • Be sure that there is no wood-to-soil contact..
  • Correct any water leaks where water may contact wood.
  • Keep mulch/soil below brick/siding line.
  • Keep firewood away from house and off the ground.


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